22 January 2006

30-Recond Recaps

I also saw a bunch of crappy movies. Here's a quick rundown.

Fever Pitch
FANATICAL Boston Red Sox fan, Ben (Jimmy Fallon) has to choose between his beloved baseball team and Drew Barrymore. [I'm no baseball fan, but I say pick the Red Sox!] The film is rather enjoyable -- for girls AND boys. Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore are actually quite tolerable, and that's saying a lot.

Beauty Shop
This movie is about a train wreck. I'm talking like derailed, killed a bus full of diasabled children on their way to serve lunch to the homeless, which resulted in a brush fire kind of train wreck. Just because you were nominated for an Oscar or an Emmy [Yeah, I'm talking to you Dana "Queen Latifah" Owens & Keisha "Knight" Pulliam] doesn't mean you can star in a crappy spin-off about a hair salon full of opinonated black women without consequence.
Your saving grace: Djimon Hounsou.

The Skeleton Key
Young hospice aid, Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson) accepts a position with a creepy couple in the bayou and agrees to live in their creepy house.

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