24 April 2009

Free Mini Food

Ever since I arrived in the Homeland, I've been wanting to try one of Jack in the Box's new mini sirloin burgers. If you've seen the poster or commercial, you'll know that they are super adorable. I had intended to eat some mini burgers, but ended up getting distracted by In N Out Burger.

Yesterday, I went to Jack in the Box and got a mini burger for FREE. Apparently, for a limited time only, you can go into any Jack in the Box and ask for a free mini sirloin burger. They'll ask you for the pass phrase, which is "JACK CHALLENGE." No purchase necessary! I'm not sure when this promotion ends, so you should go in for your free mini burger ASAP.

21 April 2009

The Yay Area

When my friends told me that they were staying for 10 days, I was a little worried. I'm already a terrible tour guide to begin with, but how I was I to fill up 10 days? It turns out that there's a lot to do between San Francisco and San Jose, and I'm not just talking about shopping at Target or The Great Mall. In addition to jaunts around San Francisco, Sausalito, and Santa Cruz, we checked out the very mysterious Mystery Spot, free wine tasting in Sonoma (less crowded than Napa), the Japanese Friendship Garden (followed by bento lunches at Minato), and the San Jose Flea Market (don't go on Fridays. There's less to look at). Of course, we also did non-touristy stuff that in my opinion, can be just as interesting, if not more so, than staring at a bunch of seals when it's overcast. We got our eyebrows done at Deepa's, cruised around the Farmer's Market, played Rock Band and karaoked with older dudes (for FREE on Monday night), peed in a seedy sex shop on Broadway, and baked some crispy chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Good times, y'all.

You can check out the highlight reel for some audio-visuals.
I just have to say that deep fried twinkies are overrated.

808 in the Bay from Annalog on Vimeo.

Shout to the gals. Special thanks to Cyndi for being our Soccer Mom.
Now, I'm off to Hawaii for some quality time with the family. Yippee!

16 April 2009

Gold Miss in English

Just before I left the Motherland, my cousin VP got me hooked on SBS' Gold Miss, a Sunday night variety program, featuring six Korean celebrity bachelorettes on the quest for love. "Gold miss" is a Korean Engrish play on "old miss" or what some knuckleheads would term as a "spinster."

Next week's episode features Hugh Jackman and Daniel Henney. (I know. Hotness!) In order to determine which of the Gold Misses are to meet the dashing duo, the ladies had to complete an assigned mission during their dates with English speaking men.

The results are pretty hilarious.
Those Gold Misses are adorable. I'd totally hang out with them.

Thanks to KmovieForYou the entire English Date episode is available on youtube -- with English subtitles!

The Daniel Henney & Hugh Jackman Episode Preview

15 April 2009

Homeland Homies

Hello, Internet! I know that it's been awhile... but I'm still on vacation in the Homeland. My high school friends from the Island flew out to Cali for a bit of a mini-reunion. Despite me being a terrible tour guide, we still managed to have a lot of fun.

I'm working on compiling a video of all our adventures, but here a few polaroids for you to gawk at it. Aren't my friends cute? :)

03 April 2009

I know that you're tired of this song, but you don't want to miss this remake...

You've probably seen the Thriller remake by the inmates at CPDRC, a prison in the Philippines, but did you know that they also performed "Nobody" by the Wonder Girls? I'm all for prisons encouraging productive behavior, but I don't think prison should be this fun.

I can just imagine the warden's face at the end-of-year budget meeting: "We spent how much on polka dot dresses and knee-highs!?!"

Without further ado, here are the five most popular inmates at CPDRC performing "Nobody."
(Thanks to Cyndi for the link!)