21 April 2009

The Yay Area

When my friends told me that they were staying for 10 days, I was a little worried. I'm already a terrible tour guide to begin with, but how I was I to fill up 10 days? It turns out that there's a lot to do between San Francisco and San Jose, and I'm not just talking about shopping at Target or The Great Mall. In addition to jaunts around San Francisco, Sausalito, and Santa Cruz, we checked out the very mysterious Mystery Spot, free wine tasting in Sonoma (less crowded than Napa), the Japanese Friendship Garden (followed by bento lunches at Minato), and the San Jose Flea Market (don't go on Fridays. There's less to look at). Of course, we also did non-touristy stuff that in my opinion, can be just as interesting, if not more so, than staring at a bunch of seals when it's overcast. We got our eyebrows done at Deepa's, cruised around the Farmer's Market, played Rock Band and karaoked with older dudes (for FREE on Monday night), peed in a seedy sex shop on Broadway, and baked some crispy chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Good times, y'all.

You can check out the highlight reel for some audio-visuals.
I just have to say that deep fried twinkies are overrated.

808 in the Bay from Annalog on Vimeo.

Shout to the gals. Special thanks to Cyndi for being our Soccer Mom.
Now, I'm off to Hawaii for some quality time with the family. Yippee!


Bruno K said...

My name is Bruno, and I like a lot the posts on your blog. Could you please tell me who sing the music in this A/V?

annalog said...

Thanks for reading. The first song is called "Lollipop" by a new Korean group called 2NE1, featuring Big Bang. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsy_m6xk1xw

The second song is Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice video! May I ask what program you used to make the video? The graphics are so cute! You really have a great writing style and wit, which makes your blog so fun to read! Take care, from a fellow Korean-American-who-can't-speak-Korean-very-well! :D

annalog said...

I use the free version of Apple's HD iMovie software which came with pre-loaded onto my macbook. Thanks for watching!

Bosule said...

i freaking love your videos, anna haha. i need to go to SF PRONTO. i miss it so much there. are you coming to the wedding???