16 April 2009

Gold Miss in English

Just before I left the Motherland, my cousin VP got me hooked on SBS' Gold Miss, a Sunday night variety program, featuring six Korean celebrity bachelorettes on the quest for love. "Gold miss" is a Korean Engrish play on "old miss" or what some knuckleheads would term as a "spinster."

Next week's episode features Hugh Jackman and Daniel Henney. (I know. Hotness!) In order to determine which of the Gold Misses are to meet the dashing duo, the ladies had to complete an assigned mission during their dates with English speaking men.

The results are pretty hilarious.
Those Gold Misses are adorable. I'd totally hang out with them.

Thanks to KmovieForYou the entire English Date episode is available on youtube -- with English subtitles!

The Daniel Henney & Hugh Jackman Episode Preview


Hyakko said...

are they cougars?

By PhoenixStorm said...

Cool, do you think any foreigners have a shot at winning dates with Hugh and Daniel?

I had to ask.

Cheri said...


annalog said...

They're probably more Cat Lady than Cougar. Just kidding. I think they're busy career women who haven't found the right guy.

Hugh Jackman is married and I suspect that Daniel Henney might be gay (I kid! I kid!), but that doesn't matter because they are HOT.

Shoag said...

Hey, I watched the Henney episode and got hooked on the show. Where can I watch the whole show or even some episodes with English sub ??

There are no eng sub for it on Youtube :(

annalog said...

sorry. I don't know where you can find the show with English subs. I did a quick search but did not find anything helpful. You might want to check out the Gold Miss thread at the soompi forums