02 October 2006

10 Things I Learned from The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift

1) Drifting is the art of nearly wrecking the car you just spent thousands of dollars to customize. This underground sport originated in the smoothly paved mountains of Japan. The primary language used in the Tokyo drift scene is English.

2) To avoid serving time in the American juvenille jail system, simply move to Asia to live with your dead beat dad.

3) There aren't very many Japanese people in Tokyo, at least none that we should care about (that is, unless they're yakuza).

4) It's really easy to jump into the Japanese high school system if you know the following Japanese terms: gaijin, sumimasen, and wabaki.

5) If you drive above 180 km in Tokyo, the cops won't bother to go after you.

6) You can make a lot of money selling clocks and sneakers to Japanese citizens.

7) The prizes for racing/drifting usually suck, and aren't worth endangering your life or the lives of hapless bystanders.

8) A cameo by Vin Diesel is all you need to justify your film's use of the Fast & Furious brand.

9) If the video store is out of Tokyo Drift, simply rent Better Luck Tomorrow for a comparable viewing experience.

10) American cars are far superior to Japanese cars. U.S.A! U.S.A!


OSV said...

hah! just the fact of you saying USA cracks me up.

Janet said...

I was hoping this film would at least be watchable since I like films that are based in Japan and it stars Sung Kang and Brian Tee, but I couldn't get through 30 minutes of it.