13 September 2009


My cousin VP likes to take an occasional gander through the work 'n' play forums, and somehow she always manages to find jems like this posting:

hello, i'm a goose father who sent my family to chicago 3 yrs ago. so i live alone in mok-dong.(we call it 'goose father' hahaha)

i'll get a green card in the near future, and then i'm going to fly to chicago. i wanna speak english more fluently before i go there. i'm looking for a person who is a native english speaker, wants to learn korean, and lives around mok-dong area.

i've experienced language exchange in san fransisco in 1997 when i worked as kind of a correspondent of a newspaper. i taught korean to a berkley graduate who was supposed to be a english teacher in high school in korea. and he helped me learn english. nevertheless, i'm still not good at speaking and listening english like most koreans. but i'm confident of grammar and writing(do u agree with that? hahaha) so the most needed for me is spoken english.

i was a reporter, and i am a general director in charge of a business department in a newspaper. well, i'm willing to buy u a meal during our language exchange class. i know a very good italian restaurant around here. hahaha

if u live in an area a lttle far from mok-dong, i ask u to come here. mok-dong is very convenient for u to come by subway no.5.

it doesn't matter if u are male or female. i'm, of course, male in the 40s. too old? hahaha

why don't u give me a email, meet twice a week in mok-dong, and exchage languages with me? my email address is xxxxxxx@naver.com


I bolded the bits that I found most memorable. I'm particularly taken with the way he sprinkles his message with *laughter* (I'm sure the hahahas would sound less creepy in Korean. ㅋㅋㅋ).

I think I need to meet this guy. hahaha


Learn Korean said...

Hi Anna, great blog! Kim from KoreanClass101.com sent you an email. Let me know when you get a chance to read. Thx.

kushibo said...

I think kirŏgi appa is up to no good. Just a feeling.