09 May 2011

Afternoon Tea @ the Park Hyatt Seoul

In honor of her Korean wedding, we took our dear friend Seong for Afternoon Tea at the Park Hyatt in Samseong-dong. The tea set is a great merging of Eastern and Western tradition.

Though not as delectable as they appear, the sweets, rice cakes and cookies, Korean in flavor, were lovely to nibble on as we sipped our tea and enjoyed the view of...Kangnam. (The Park Hyatt Lounge offers a great view of the city. It's too bad that the skyline is marred by all those condos.) Frankly speaking, we were more enamored with the wooden sweet box than the sweets themselves, but it was nice to experience Korean favorites like pears, yuja (citron), and chesnut, in Western-style confections.

You are given an almost overwhelmingly large selection of teas (the teas vary in when and where they were harvested) to choose from. I ended up picking a tea at random (Actually not quite so random. I picked the one in the middle of the list), and found that it complemented the sweets (I know, duh, Annalog. That's why it's on the menu). Also, as Seong noted, the staff brings you tea just as it is ready to drink. This means that you don't have to sit around and watch it steep. That's some classy service.

I'd say that the ambiance and excellent service at the Park Hyatt Lounge more than merits the 28,000 won + tax/person fee. It's even better if you are accompanied by great friends!

Congrats to Seong & Danny! May your life be as sweet as that yuja-jelly!
(Okay. Maybe not that sweet. That jelly was a little too much).

To get there by subway:
Samseong Station, Exit 1
Entrance to the Park Hyatt should be to your left.
Take the elevator up to the 24th floor to the Lounge.

Afternoon Tea is served 2:30 to 5:30 pm daily.
To make a reservation call: (02) 2016-1234 or (02)2016-1205 · 1206
You can find more information about Afternoon Tea here.

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