22 November 2005


I'd like to take a moment to step away from all the crap & ridicule, and highlight some genuinely enjoyable rentals:

Millions (2004) Don't be turned off by the cheesy cover. It's a heartwarming Brit flick about two brothers who find a bag full of money -- millions! The younger brother, Damian (Alex Etel) wants to donate the money and help the poor. (He goes around his suburban neigborhood asking, "Are you poor?") Savvy older brother, Anthony (Lewis Owen McGibbon) wants to spend and invest the pounds, before England switches over to the Euro. The cast is superb, but most noteworthy is Alex Etel, simply winning as a golden-hearted boy, with a quirky obsession with Saints. The film is chock full of humor, a bit of suspense, and of course, a few tear-jerking moments. In addition to a wonderful story, Millions features a stellar use of special effects, subtley done, yet visually captivating. Don't be a jerk. Go rent Millions.

, TV series (2002), Short-lived, 1-hour show on FOX, cancelled due to poor scheduling and poo-poo head TV execs. I'm addicted. Firefly chronicles the adventures of a noble-hearted crew of space smugglers, led by ex-rebel solider, Captain Malcom Reynolds (Nathan Fillion). Set way in the future, where Earth is no longer existence, and humans have settled far into the "outer" planets, creating a Wild West-like era, Firefly, features a richly developed fictional universe, where prostitution is a legal and a well-respected profession, Chinese culture and language are as prevalent as English, and the central government is corrupt (ala Star Wars). I realize that the show sounds very sci-fi (which it is), but I think it will appeal to all audiences -- if given the chance. It's super funny; full of action & drama, sometimes a little creepy... did I mention that it's funny. Trust me: Watch one disc, then you'll be pissed off that this show is no longer on the air.

Rosewell, TV series (1999-2002), My addiction before Firefly. Basically, about three teen aliens and their life in Rosewell, New Mexico. It's much cooler than I make it out to be. I heart Max (Jason Behr) and you will too after you experience Future Max. Full of romance, humor, action, sci-fi, suspense, and a catchy theme song by Dido.
As long as you stick with Season 1 and Season 2 (Don't go to season 3. It'll just taint your love for Roswell.), you will love the show and it's rich characters.

Batman Begins (2005), Christian Bale rocks, Michael Caine is lovable, and Katie Holmes isn't on screen very much. Action scenes are a little too long for my taste, but Batman Begins is a good reminder of why Batman is so much cooler than Superman. Not as campy as the earlier Batman films, Batman Begins takes the story of Bruce Wayne aka Batman seriously -- yet, in an entertainming manner. Solid movie. Skip the illegal download. Definitely, worth a rental.

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