30 July 2007

Welcome to Korea.

We arrived alive.

We arrived in Korea via Taipei, Taiwan on China Air. It was not the most luxurious of flights, but it wasn't too bad. The China Air flight crew were all very nice, and I was able to watch Meet the Robinsons for the second time. I was looking forward to some Chinese airplane food, so I was quite disappointed in the hash brown & eggs for breakfast and the watered down shoyu chicken for lunch. Or, perhaps I am mistaken, and hash browns are an essential part of Chinese cuisine.

Here we are waiting for our connecting flight to Incheon. Unfortunately with about 20 minutes to spare, we did not have time to try out the beef noodle soup as recommended by Soo & Piao. Maybe next time.

Once we arrived in Incheon, we met up with Cyndi's dad, caught a bus, then taxi, and arrived in Bundang, South Korea. I'll be sure to post more about our apartment, excuse me, officetel, another time.

For our first official meal in Seoul, we had sundae (soondae). I forget the name of the dish (sundae bokum?) but it's basically a mixture of blood sausage, perilla leaves (깻잎), rice noodles, pig stomach, and chili sauce. I know, mouth watering, isn't it? I haven't always been a fan of sundae, but I thought it was pretty tasty. Maybe because it tasted like perilla leaves?

I hope to post regularly, but it looks like we may not have internet for awhile. I'm currently using the computer at a PC Bang. The keyboard is quite greasy (for reasons I do not even want to think about), so I may not frequent the PC Bang too often. I must note though that the internet speed is lightning quick AND people can use their cell phones in the subway and in moving elevators. Technology is so advanced in the Motherland.


OSV said...

yeah, more posts is good!
(but obviously having a good time out there is more important)

yks said...
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yks said...

good premise...keep the posts coming!
Even a slight preview of the food there is making me hungry...
some alcohol and wipes should fix the greasy KB problem!