08 October 2007

Turtle Technology

Cyndi and I were in Kangnam this weekend, when we were almost run over by this mini soju brigade. Chamisul Fresh is supposed to be lighter on the alcohol content and free of sugar additives (Wait! There's sugar in soju?) and is marketed towards female booze hounds, thus the feminization of these soju bottles.

This soju bottle made Cyndi take a photo with her. Check out the bottle's s-line.

After mingling with the soju bottles, Cyndi and I had samgyupsul at 황금 돼지 (Golden Pig).

The samgyupsal was nothing to write home about, but I was excited about the turtle design of their grill. The grooves on the turtle's shell help to drain some of the grease from all that pork belly.

The angled shell causes the grease to fall downwards towards the turtle's tail, and drip into the little pan. Turtle technology -- how clever.


wordtophelpscollins said...

OMG a girl crossed with a bottle of soju, one of my fantasies

Anonymous said...

you are a moron