28 January 2008

Good Eats: French Food in Jeongja (video)

Free at last. Free at last...sort of. The Winter Intensives session is not completely over, but I now have time to dwell on more important matters like posting photos of food, making music videos, and speculating over Heath Ledger's death (R.I.P).

In celebration of my newly regained freedom, Cyndi, Patrick, and I went to check out the fancy schmancy restaurants in Jeongja-dong. Jeongja is a particularly affluent neighborhood in Bundang, and is the place to go for over-priced, yet satisfactory foreign food. This area of Jeongja, which I will hereby refer to as "Restaurant Row," strangely reminds me of Disneyland. It's like stepping into another country.

We decided to check out a French restaurant called "Aix en provence." I was a little apprehensive going in, because Aix en provence vaguely reminded me of Minto. Fortunately, it was levels above Minto (though, that's not saying much). I'm not familiar with French cuisine, but the menu didn't seem very French. I didn't even see any French Onion Soup or ratatouille.

The salad was sloppy and the steak was covered in an overly sweet sauce, but the food overall was tasty, if not authentically French. (I should note that the steak was decent, but not as good as Patrick made it out to be. Patrick is a good actor).

I captured our dinner on video, and am posting the footage for your viewing pleasure.

I think that I'll try to make these Good Eats Videos a regular Annalog feature, but that all depends on my schedule and level of laziness.

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Catherine said...

You should try Croque-Monsieur and French fries instead :)

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