07 January 2008

Winter Fashion Extravaganza

Having grown up in a tropical climate, I've always yearned for the opportunity to wear winter apparel. (I always thought that earmuffs were an accessory. I never realized that they were a necessity!)

Unfortunately, the saying is true; be careful what you wish for. I'm still struggling to adjust to the biting cold, but I certainly appreciate the opportunity to buy more winter coats! (The coat that I brought from California barely even sufficed for autumn in Korea).

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how many coats I've purchased within the last month. The assortment of coats can be quite overwhelming. All but one of the coats that I purchased in Korea cost less than $100 (Can you guess which one was more than $100?).

TIP: All winter coats go on sale in early January, so this is the best time to shop for trendy winter gear.

These trendy coats may not be the best long term investment, but they certainly enable a nice variety in your winter wardrobe.

(Oh, man. I can only imagine what it's going to cost to mail all of these coats home).

Cyndi and I decided to ANTM it up, and share some of our new coats with y'all. Check out the photos below.

STACY: The first two coats are actually for you. Let me know if you want any additional coats.

The Librarian

Sexy Ninja (Military Style)

The 어머나

Sporty Devil Zip-Up

Short Skirt, Long, Cap-Sleeved Jacket

Checkered Cutie

In the Navy

Church Coat

Waldo's Coat

The Coat that's in Dire Need of Dry Cleaning

The Spottie Dottie (Stacy: The bunny hat is also for you. Man, I am one thoughtful sister!)

The Blue Bath Robe with Flair

The "Does this Make Me Look Japanese?" Coat


ajak said...

I think the shopping God is staying in Anna.
A Glocery shopping Queen also have lived in Cyndi for some months.

minwooluv said...

heng, 그로써리 쓰팰링 틀렸어...사전 찾아봐요~ 그로써리 신이 안나 우유, 씨리얼, & 계란 꼭 먹겨라고 않가는거 같해. ㅋㅋ

ajak said...

thanks.. grocery ...
minwooluv ~ u made a mistake in 3 spellings.
I think they are not easy to even Korean.
if u find all out, i gonna buy u a gift.
samgyubsal ^^