03 March 2008

CD Freebie

I recently bought Leona Lewis' album Spirit, and received a nice little freebie, a mini cd featuring songs from Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, and Mario. I don't recall ever getting any freebies back home. Perhaps freebies are the solution to stopping illegal downloading.

Yeah, you're right. It's not.

Unfortunately, I can't play the mini CD because I have a MacBook. I guess the mini CD is Sony BMG's way of telling me that I need to buy a Sony VAIO.

The album also came with a Korean translation of all the lyrics.

I'm enjoying Lewis' album, lots of catchy RnB songs with a pop flare. I'd give it a B+.


becca said...

I love Leona! I'm not even a big fan of that particular music, but I was rooting for her on the X Factor. It's amazing how well she's done in Britain. I think her popularity will transfer over to other countries as well...is there Leona fever in Korea yet??

anna said...

Leona's not as big as the Wondergirls, but I her album was at the front of the store. She's either growing in her popularity, or has a really strong marketing team in Korea.