31 March 2008

Kittyho & Eemobu in Korea

Since arriving in Seoul, I've spent more time and money on my appearance than I've ever spent back in the homeland. Alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's pretty true. People in Seoul, particularly young women, are extremely conscious of their appearance. Perhaps this is true of women in big cities around the world, but I haven't really experienced such a high degree of image consciousness before.

When living in Seoul, even if your a lazy schlub like myself, you can't help but start to concern yourself with appearance. (Especially when your students say stuff like, "You're pretty, but you have zits." Dang. That comment hurt even more than the big zit on my face.)

Case in point: My sister and uncle were only here for less than a week, but we still dedicated time to get our hair done, get facials, and get some moles removed.

It's so tempting to alter your appearance or undergo some cosmetic procedure while you're in Korea because a) It's generally less expensive. b) You can get excellent service for moderate prices. c) Everyone else does it. Beauty is an essential expenditure. It's neither frivolous nor vain to indulge yourself.

Of course, we had to take my sister & uncle to see Mr. Taek Kim at Lee Chul Hair Kerker in Apgu.

(We were trying to look dour as they do on all those makeover shows.)





(Everyone went short for a fresh new spring look. I am envying their cute cuts, but I've decided to keep my hair long because I'm trying to grow it out for a perm in the summer.)

We also took the family to our neighborhood Skin Clinic (dermatologist + facial spa). Cyndi, Kittyho, and Eemo-bu all had a mole or two removed. Mole removal is fairly inexpensive and quick. Depending on the size and roots of your mole, removal ranges from approx. $10-30 a mole. The mole is then extracted with a laser of some sort. The only catch is that you must walk around with a small bandage on your face for 3-4 days.

I have a few moles on my face, but I decided instead to focus on the zits that my students so kindly pointed out. I elected to go for the "scaling" which involves a light chemical peel and an invasive pimple extraction procedure. The doctor also injects the really gnarly pimples with some mysterious serum.

The procedure did not miraculously eliminate all my blemishes as I had hoped, but it did reduce the size and redness of the pimples.

Even Piggy got in on the makeover action:




BJ said...

haha, hilarious. No pre/post zit popping pics?

anna said...

The pics in this post are pre-scaling, but you can't see the zits because of the dim lighting and the volume of my hair.

Jen said...

How much did the scaling cost and where did you have it done? My skin does un-beautiful things in Korea and I've thought about having it done, but I really don't want to go to my hagwon and ask them to set it up for me...

anna said...

We go to a place in Bundang (Seohyeon) called Areum Dawoon Nara. I believe that it's a chain found throughout Seoul. I paid 100,000 WON, but I'm told that you can find a place for less. The scaling package includes a facial and a consultation with the doctor. The dermatologist at my branch spoke a little English. Let me know if you have any other questions.

The winter weather and the city air have not been kind to my skin either.

Anonymous said...

do you have any other suggestions for places to get a good facial in/around seoul? thx! wondering if i should just hit one of the hotels with one of their spa packages or if there's a better option...

anna said...

The hotel spas are probably very nice, but their packages will be pricey. The one in my neighborhood is a franchise called 아름다운나라. Cyndi says that there's one in Kangnam. I've also been to Red Club in MyeongDong (near Giordano). It was okay. Cyndi says that facials usually start around 30,000 won, but you can also purchase a package at a discounted rated. We recommend getting a single facial before you sign on for a multiple facial deal.

szu said...

how much is the cut in Lee Chul KerKer?

annalog said...

a cut is 50,000 won which is average for salons in apku. The price is quite steep, but the service is excellent.