16 September 2007

머리를 했어요! (Haircut!)

I got a haircut!

Just kidding! That's just a wig that I borrowed from a mannequin in Shinchon.

You may recall, from the last time you saw us, that Cyndi was struggling to grow out her singed mullet, while I was just letting my multi-hued mane grow out like a wild beast. Well, we finally took care of our respective hair styles (or lack thereof).

This weekend we went to the trendy Lee Chul HairKerker (Yeah, I don't know what "Kerker" is either) in Chungdam (Apkujung). Cyndi had her hair done at Lee Chul last year and was really pleased with the results, so we decided to fork out the extra dough and check it out this time around.

Though the salon is quite pricey, you definitely get what you pay form in terms of service, ambiance, and styling. The staff is very friendly and attentive. We had our hair done by master stylist, and team leader Mr. Taek Kim . Though I was initially a little intimidated by his stoic demeanor, I was really impressed by his candor and understanding of my difficult hair.

Most people think I'm being silly when I say that my hair is difficult, but it is! Kim 팀장 totally understood my issues without me having to say anything. As he pointed out, my hair is quite thick and has a bit of a "wave" to it. Though I tried to contain the "wave" with a "magic perm" back in California, he commented that the perm made my hair look unnaturally straight. He also noted that if I were to cut my hair, the loss of weight would lead to, as I like to describe, an unbearable, puffy helmet of hair. Thus, he recommended a straight perm that would relax my hair, but also allow for a bit of a curl. I asked for the specific name of the perm, but he says that it goes by a number of names. This straight perm is the same treatment used in the States, and is supposed to be less damaging than the magic perm.

Oh! I forgot to mention the best part. Kim 팀장 lived and worked in Canada for a significant period of time, so he speaks English fluently. Now that I think about it, I haven't had a fluent English speaker do my hair in quite awhile, even back home in the States.

The bottom layers of Cyndi's hair were quite damaged, so he recommended that she cut it all off! Cyndi was reluctant, but like a soldier with gangrene, she knew what she had to do. Cyndi also has the same density and "wave" problem, so she also pama-ed it up!

For those of you blessed with beautiful, manageable hair that just falls into place when you roll out of bed, I thought I'd post a few photos to show you what some people go through to get lovely, white girl hair. :)

We wait and read magazines.

We get our hair chemically processed by apprentices.

We sit in front of strange heating apparatuses that, for all we know, may cause cancer.

We sit around, sipping black coffee, as unknown chemicals seep down the sides of our faces.

We sit around, looking like crazy homeless ladies, with straws and tissue in our hair.

We do all of this -- just so that we can enjoy four to five months of smooth, shiny hair.

Now, as they do in America's Next Top Model, it is time to reveal the before and after photos:



Doesn't she look like Snow White?



The photos aren't the most flattering shots, but I think that our hairstyles are an improvement. All in all, Cyndi and I are pleased with our new do's, and will likely return to Lee Chul when
we need a fix-up. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but it's still significantly less than what I paid at El Camino Salon.

Speaking of ANTM, I spotted A.J. from Cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model , shopping in Apkujung. Cycle 7 is just now airing in Korea, so it was interesting to see her in person..


susan said...

I love all your beauty tips. I've done, magic perm, ditigal perm, and ajumma perm. i really need something for my wispy fly-away hairs- how much was hat straight perm treatment?

annalog said...

I think I paid around $150-$160 for the "relaxer perm." That's what the hair stylist called it. It's different from a magic or straight perm. I know that may sound steep, but I've paid much more back in the States. I should note that I got a discount. If you happen to go to Leechul Hair Kerker in Apkujung, perhaps you should mention Cyndi's name. (I don't think he knows my name).

Hope you tame those wisps. I totally know what you mean!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna,

I know you posted your article "I got a hair cut." about 4 years ago because I am reading your blog on August 17, 2011. Anyway, perhaps you've already found out the meaning of kerker by now... just in case no one told you... it means grow, grow. Lee Chul Hair, grow, grow and prosper. That's what that means. I asked when I had my hair done at one of the Lee Chul Hair Salons in Seoul. Take care. I think your home page is very cute. Angel