11 September 2007

"My First Crush"

This has nothing to do with living in Korea, but I just wanted to share this video because I fancy the animation. My sister sent me this clip that she found via myspace, the cyworld of the States. Speaking of video clips, can someone send me a clip of Britney's VMA performance? I've read a lot about it, but haven't actually experienced the on-stage magic for myself. The VMAs won't air on MTV Korea until September 20th, and the Man has already gotten to the clips on youtube.

"My First Crush" by Julia Pott


Felix said...

nice blog... the music is killing my dial up speed connection though. i think you can see britney here: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/811740/what_was_britney_spears_thinking/

anna said...

Thanks, Felix! Her performance was boring, but it wasn't the train wreck that the media described it to be.

I didn't think about the impact of the music on loading times. I think I've gotten spoiled by the fast internet speed here. I'll remove some songs :)