03 September 2007

Goods Eats Aug 12 - Sept 1

I keep forgetting to capture the good eats, but here's a sampling of my eats from the final two weeks of August.

- I'm not a huge fan of Pizza Hut back at home, but I love Korean Pizza Hut. The pizza dough seems less greasy and less crispy. I'm also loving the unusual Korean topping combinations like shrimp and sweet potato. I love me some sweet potato. The salad bar, which includes at least three types of potato salad, is also way more interesting. Lastly, I love the little ribbon tied take out box.
- We tried Vietnamese food in Hongdae. It didn't taste like any Vietnamese food I've had in San Jose. The flavors were lacking.
- I also tried bbq pork skin for the first time. The pork skin was "service", on the house. It wasn't that bad, and surprisingly chewy. It helped that the skin is marinated in soy sauce and sugar. I learned that the key to enjoying pork skin is to cut it up into bite-size pieces.
- The worst drink ever: the "Kogoma Hollychino" from Holly's Coffee. I don't know what I was thinking. It tasted like a sweet potato shake mixed in with rancid milk. Blech.

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