06 September 2007

At the Moobies

I'm still dying to see Superbad, but I did manage to catch Stardust a couple of weekends ago.

I was hoping for cooler concession snacks (I don't know. Maybe some samgyupsal?), but it was pretty similar to typical American delicacies, like popcorn and churros. The only significant difference is that seats are pre-assigned. You may request a specific seat upon purchase. Tickets prices are slightly less expensive than in the States, but I wouldn't consider them cheap. Maybe around $7? I don't exactly recall.

Here's a pic of Cyndi & me in the theater. The theater was quite small and cramped, but I don't think its representative of your typical Korean theater.

Check out the lady behind us. She looks totally disgusted! I was tempted to take more photos, but felt a little awkward after viewing her expression upon playback. Come on, girlfriend! You're Korean. Don't you understand the importance of sel-cas.

So, what did I think of Stardust? I absolutely adored it. It was funny, romantic, adventurous, continually entertaining, and featured a stellar (no pun intended) cast. I don't consider myself a Claire Danes fan, especially a British-accented Claire Danes, but she was quite winning, especially with her long blonde hair. She definitely rocks the blonde locks. Robert DeNiro is quite hilarious (though over the top) as Captain Shakespeare, a man with a few fabulous skeletons in his closet, if you know what I'm saying. Michelle Pfeiffer, who gets more beautiful with age, is perfectly casted as an evil witch. The star of the show (these star references were honestly unintended!), however, was the movie's hero. At first, I was like, who is this guy? Then I was like, who is this guy? His name is Charlie Cox, and he manages to pull off a nice blend of cluelessness, charm, swashbuckle (Can I use that as an adjective?), and good hair.
If you feel like a fun, engaging movie, I definitely recommend Stardust. If not, you should definitely check it out when it's available as a rental. Or, if you're in Korea, you can "purchase" the dvd from your local "vendor."

Speaking of purchasing dvds... I've heard that you can purchase the dvd of films currently released in theaters; films like Transformers, Die Hard 4, or The Simpsons Movie. I have absolutely no first hand knowledge of such illegal merchandise, but I've heard that you can buy two movies for approximately $5, or five movies for $10; possibly from some dude at your local subway station -- allegedly. As I've clearly stated, I have no knowledge of such underhanded transactions, but... I have seen The Simpsons movie and have to say that it's totally worth 5000 won, especially if its accompanied by the dvd for 1408 starring John Cusack. Or, so I imagine...


js unnie said...

what??!! they didn't have "o-jing-oh" (dried squid)?? that was one thing that surprised me, only because...well it is dried squid and you know how/imagine what that smells like, but i guess if you were korean and came to america and smelled someone's relish on their hot dog - it wouldn't be too appetizing either. and did you know, well when i was there, that there are particular theaters that are known as "couple" or "love" theaters because of the way the seats are. basically the seats have a higher back, so yeah no one can pear over and see - well as the native koreans would say, be making their "own movie" AND the seats are like love seats. where two seats are joined and separated from your neighbor's seat. and the option of putting the middle arm rest up or down is available to... well you get the picture.

ever try watching a movie at the COEX, man it gets "crazzzzyyyy." it's like the lines you would see outside some trendy night club, or a bank on payday with all the lines, people, and cashiers. anyhoos just thought i would add to your blog. sorry so long - but keep up the great posts! til the next one!

anna said...

Thanks for stopping by JS 언니! That's the first I've heard of a "love theaters", but it doesn't surprise me. Dvd bangs, "love motels", norae rooms... what's next? Love libraries?

Coex is crazy in general. Maybe I should check out the theater.

Please do feel free to add to the blog. Your comments will make it more interesting. I tend to focus too much on food.