18 September 2007

Kid Nation

I'm enjoying Korean TV, particularly the dramas and variety shows, but I've found that the the reality shows here lack the same pizazz and production values of American reality TV. (Yes, I am actually defending the merits of reality TV). As exploitive as they can sometimes be, American producers really know how to edit story lines and heighten conflict and ensuing drama.

I just read about this new reality TV series on CBS, Kid Nation, where a group of forty children, with ages ranging from seven to fifteen, run their own little society in a dusty, abandoned town in New Mexico. The young townspeople, who all appear to be quite intelligent, have to grapple with creating a political, economical, and social structure, all on their own. This show sounds extremely fascinating. I hope to catch the episodes via CBS' innertube, but I can't seem to stream episodes on my Mac! Kid Nation premieres this Wednesday, Sept 19, 8 PM ET/PT. Let me know what you think.

Check out the awesome preview:

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