06 September 2007

Back to Hongdae

We went back to Hongdae, but I swear that we didn't purposely go there to stalk Gong Yoo -- again. We just happened to be in the neighborhood...

We met up with Bo & Yeong Jung (not sure if I spelled their names correctly) in Hongdae. Incidentally, we learned that no one goes to Hongdae that early. Things don't start popping until late into the afternoon. I love Hongdae because it's so colorful; there's no shortage of cuteness. As a faithful reader, you may recall from my previous post that Hongdae is an artsy neighborhood, so it's a great place for crafts and art pieces.

We also came across a cap that we thought a few people back at home may enjoy. Holler if you want one.

Anyways, as I mentioned at the start of this post, we eventually found our way back to the Coffee Prince cafe.

Don't worry, Mom. We honestly were not stalking star actor, Gong Yoo.

We were visiting the boutique owned by one of Yeong Jung's friends, which, coincidentally, was a stone's throw away from the Coffee Prince cafe. They happened to be filming that day, so we just had to check out all the action. Unfortunately, the place was swarming with fans. With no hopes of basking in Gong Yoo's hotness, we decided to act cool and unaffected by all the fervor. As we were moving away from the crowd, we noticed a couple of vans, typically used to transport celebrities. Based on the dusty love notes left on one of the vans, Cyndi discerned that the white van belonged to none other than Gong Yoo! Sadly, the van was empty. Nonetheless, I took a photo of Gong Yoo's van. Hey, as they say, when in Rome... Silly fan girl behavior is an intrinsic part of the Korean youth culture.

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