03 September 2007


Now that I finally have my visa, I've rapidly gained more teaching hours. I'm currently teaching reading and writing to junior high students. Most of them are quite sufficient in English. Teaching is quite a challenge, but I'm enjoying it -- so far. In addition to a bunch of cheesy workbooks, my classes are currently working on The Westing Game and The Princess Bride. (Classical schmasical. Canon schmanon. That's right, I'm picking books that I like! )

Anyway, that's why I've been slow to blog. I was trying to make blogging a daily thing, but I seriously doubt that's going to happen. :)

We went to visit Cyndi's family (her Dad's side) in Busan...several weekends ago. They are still as nice and fun as ever. They patiently took us around a couple of famous Busan sights, including a Buddhist temple by the sea and a famous lighthouse. We also ate a lot while in Busan -- hanshik style. You know the drill. Check out the movie below for a sampling of photos.

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Mrs. Yoo said...

I miss Shuna~