13 April 2008

Fan Mail?

Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are.
Cyndi recently got this email from a fan back home. Admittedly, he's still in elementary school, but obviously he's wise beyond his years, and knows a good blog when he reads one.


Dear Cyndi,
Please tell...ahem...Annalog,that america didn't get leona lewis cds as soon as she did and that she should try listening to chris brown. he's awesome!how is piggy?He/she is sooooooooooo adorable! XD Oh and tell Annalog to try using a cd player for the love is a song cd.hope u feel better after the hot laser(s) attack...her blog about the lasers was funny but i should'nt be laughing...and i could go on and on about her blog but just one more thing...please ask her if she likes the song bleeding love by leona lewis.
Cutie B
P.S. still laughing about piggy's video and the armpit pain(which i shouldn't be laughing at)and your addiction to those picture taking machines.

Dear Cutie B,

  • I read that the Leona Lewis album is flying up the U.S. music charts. I also heard that her U.S. album featured a couple of new songs. I guess I'll have to get a copy of those songs through my dear friend, Mr. Lime Wire. I do like "Bleeding Love." I even tried to sing it at the karaoke, but then, people's ears started to bleed, so I had to stop. My favorite Leona song is "Better in Time."
  • I don't have a CD player in Korea, so I haven't been able to play the mini CD. :(
  • We've fully recovered from the laser attacks, but we do have to return next month. (Yikes!) Sometimes it's hard to be a hairy girl. For future reference, if your future wife or girlfriend has hairy armpits, please do not judge her.
  • Piggy is doing well. She'll see you in September. In the mean time, maybe you could start learning to sew some dog clothes ;)
Thanks for reading my blog. Other than my uncle, I think you just might be my #1 reader. Cyndi & I will be sending you a few Korean trinkets in a few weeks. Hope you're studying hard and having fun!

:) Annalog


Cutie B... said...

i have the book twilight!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think you have a LOT more fans than you know...i know esp. of 2 HUGE fans here in hawaii - who read your blog weekly if not daily, or sometimes more than once a day...lols...ok, maybe NOT that much. but still, its nice to see how my favorit dohnsengs in korea are enjoying their fab/adv/interesting time in the motherland. so when u go back to cali, will you be starting a new blog?

-js unnie