03 April 2008

Meet Piggy

DATE OF BIRTH: January 19, 2008
BIRTHPLACE: Seoul, South Korea
BREED: Part Teen Wolf, part Pot Bellied Pig, part Frog
ACTUAL BREED: Yorkshire Terrier
LIKES: Royal Canin Puppy Food, water, squeaky toys, fingers, and sleep
DISLIKES: vacuum cleaners, baths, soiled newspaper, and falling off the bed

Henney has a new sister, and her name is Piggy!

Assuming that Piggy doesn't grow exponentially within the next five months, Cyndi plans to carry Piggy onto the plane when we head back to California. Fortunately, California doesn't require that dogs be quarantined when entering the state.

Piggy has a tendency to wake up too early for my taste and is not fully potty trained, but other than that, she's proving to be a good roommate. Plus, she looks so cute in a cap!

A word of caution:
Puppies are significantly less expensive in Korea so it is tempting to get a puppy. But, before you purchase a puppy on a whim ala Paris Hilton, research different vendors. Be wary of vendors with dozens of puppies because the dogs likely came from a puppy mill. It's better to purchase a puppy from a small pet shop that only carries a few puppies at a time. Also, this may sound very callous, but if anything is wrong with your puppy, according to Korean law, all vendors (private sellers and pet shops alike) must give you a refund if you contact them with your concerns within 14 days of your purchase.

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Anna & Piggy's #1 FAN said...

kawaii~ luv the video!