25 March 2009

Annalog's Favorite Things List

I've been busy trying to work on all my curriculum R&D before I leave for Cali in APRIL!!!! (I'll be there for a month). I should be making discussion questions, but I've decided to take a break and do my weekly post.

So, I've decided to post My Favorites Things List ala Oprah Winfrey, except I'm not giving away any free cars or anything. Okay, okay. How about an mp3? (See the end of the post)

Here's my list in no particular order.
My Favorite Things: April 2009

1. Dramabean's recaps of Boys Over Flowers.
It's difficult for me to watch an entire episode of Boys Over Flower without wanting to gouge my ears or eyes out, but I still NEED to know what's happening! I swear. It's like some sick disease.

2. Criminal Minds. Channel CGV. Mon-Fri @ 9 pm ("New" episodes air Mon & Tues)
I never watched this show while I was in the Homeland, but thanks to Cousin VP, I'm now addicted. That show is FRIGHTening, yet highly fascinating. Now I can't help but look at every strange looking ajusshi without profiling him as a potential psycho.

3. The Epik High blogs at MapTheSoul.Com
Epik High is still one of my favorite Korean groups. This month, they're preparing to release a book/album package directly to their fans, without a third party distributor. Bold move, Epik High. You can follow their progress and gawk at their personal photos at the Map The Soul website.

4. Cledor Blueberry Ice Cream
Other than the cheap ice cream cones, I haven't really found Korean ice cream to my liking. But, never one to turn down a sample at eMart, I tried a spoonful of Cledor's blueberry ice cream and was immediately hooked. I really liked the combo of frozen blueberries and the yogurty vanilla ice cream. If you buy a carton a eMart, they'll pack it in an adorable styrofoam cooler, custom-made for the ice cream container. Cledor's strawberry cheesecake ice cream is also pretty yummy.

5. My new Samsung Anycall SCH-W410 mobile phone.
I know that my "new" Anycall phone has been on the market for awhile now, but if you saw the phone I've been carrying around for the past year and a half, you would agree that my new Anycall phone is a major upgrade. Being anti-social and all, I don't really use or care about mobile phones (even though I sometime covet an Ice Cream phone), but when our Kwajang-nim (Office Manager) told me that SK Telecom is currently offering free phones, I decided to switch over from Show to SK. I had two pay 70,000 won for the activiation fee, but I didn't mind because my Anycall is awesome. My phone includes a English/Korean dictionary and a subway map! I know. I know. These days, that's like being excited that my laptop has WiFi access and a DVD player, but I'm excited nonetheless. It's like I was living in the Dark Ages, yo. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to set up my caller ring (Heng?).

6. 세바귀 (Sebakwi) MBC
Between the Criminal Minds and the ice cream, I know that I'm starting to sound like a tired, old ajumma (no offense to ajummas), but I'll go ahead and mention my favorite Korean variety show of the moment: 세바귀, a celebrity quiz show that's part of MBC's Sunday night lineup. I can't even understand half of the banter, but I still find myself laughing out loud.

7.8eight's Golden Age

I've been enjoying kpop trio, 8eight's latest album, which I downloaded from this awesome livejournal, 영원히.

8eight - Golden Age

8.Last but not least, my favorite song of the moment is "My Love" by The Bird and The Bee.

[Download Link]


Kat said...

I totally agree with you on NO. 1. I never miss Dramabeans's recaps.. understands the drama a whole lot better after reading it! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging even though you're busy. And thanks for the link to Epik High's blog!

heng said...

I present u the color rings. which song do u want??

Big Bang said...

you should've gotten the Lollipop!!!

Hyakko said...

why no Hawaii time

Hatt said...

hi, your blog is pure kick-assery. i want to give you mad props for introducing me to the wonder that is 8eight.

InMySeoul.com said...

Why do you want to "gouge" your eyes out when your watching Boys Before Flowers? I am so addicted to that show! The faces that Jan Di makes are hilarious and probably the most entertaining part of that show!

Have you ever tried the Lotte "Milk Shake"? It comes in these little pouches in the frozen section, you crush them up and drink them through a built in straw...very tasty!

Cheri said...

I've also grown addicted to 꽃보다 남자... and the Map the Soul blog has become yet another Korean language learning tool for me. :)

John said...

Korea's great because there's so many little things to go crazy about. Perhaps this is why FOB's get so excited about things here in America.

Nobody remembers the watermelon ice cream they used to sell back in the 80's... it was a popsicle that eschewed all authenticity in favor of deliciousness: red top was strawberry flavored, green "rind" was grape flavored and they even had little chocolate "seeds" embedded within the cherry red area. Gottdamn, what I wouldn't give for one of those.

cindy said...

I just found your blog! Love your little adventures and the way you document everything! I wish I had read it while I was in Korea for a few months... but I've bookmarked it now for my future trips. :)