28 August 2009

Birthday Food

We prepared a feast in celebration of my birthday last weekend. Unofficially, the theme was "Dishes from the Fifties." Officially, the theme was "Dishes That Are Bad for Anna's chejil." So what if I'll have indigestion and clogged pores the next morning. It's my birthday, and I'll eat cheese if I want to!

Special thanks to Cyndi and Seong for helping with all the food and to Cousin VP for cleaning the apartment!

Let us now all revel in all the yellow/brown goodness of my birthday feast:

Lemony Spinach Almond Pasta Casserole

Cyndi's Mmmmmmmmeatloaf

Tuna Casserole

Potato Gratin

Deviled Eggs

Chips and Pico de Gallo

Cyndi's Cake Made Just for Me! -- Yellow Cake and Brownie topped with a sour cream chocolate frosting. (It was all made from scratch! Well, except for the sprinkles. And the birthday candles.)

I feared that we all might have eaten our way into a food coma, but we all managed to wake up the next day for the WATER PARK! I'll have to save details for another post.


John said...

Happy birthday, Annalog. I noticed no guacamole for those chips. When I was working in Korea I remember my boss invited me to his home for dinner and his wife made a bowl of guacamole. After tearing through it in 5 minutes she just looked at me and said, "You just ate 60,000 won worth of avocado". Needless to say it was worth the money... considering it wasn't mine to spend.

Nice to know you can still have some American eats in the Corea. Good job.

Anonymous said...

um, how old are u, 30????

Anonymous said...

was the deviled eggs per your request? or ur cousin cyndi's?? ...LOL

glad to hear you had a good (yummy) birthday! all of us here wished we could have spent it with you too!


Anonymous said...

^the deviled eggs were for the guests. :p

Anonymous said...

your birthday feast looked amazing!!!!

annalog said...

John: Yes, avocados are still expensive over here. That's why we stick with pico de gallo :)

I am not quite 30, but I'm almost there...eeps!