06 August 2009


I like the Ssamzie Insadong Market in Insadong. It's always full of quirky little surprises. On our most recent trip, we came across a delightful little cart at the front of the market boldly selling 똥빵, poo-shaped bread filled with a sweet bean paste.

As far as sweet red bean buns, the ddong bread isn't anything to write home about. But, let's be real. Who buys ddong-bang for the taste.? You're buying it because it's shaped like poo!

The ddong bread comes with instructions on how to best enjoy the bread. Shall I share?
Let me warn you... It's a bit revolting.

1. Buy the ddong bread.
2. Nyam. Nyam. -- Savor the ddong bread.
3. Poo the bread out.
4. Examine your poo.
5. Put your poo in a bag (perhaps even the ddong bread bag!)
6. Save it.

(Translation by Cyndi)

Ddong bread is kind of like one of those Garbage Pail Kids -- an odd combination of cute and disgusting.


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Anna, I know we talked about in the past about writing a cooking article for Eloquence Magazine. I am now the dining editor for Groove Magazine and I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a monthly piece for us.


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Cool! Can you please send me more details: email.annalogATgmail.com?