08 March 2011

Korean Children's Lit - Animated

I've been such a devout Googler that I've missed out on how cool Yahoo! Korea is. Yahoo! Korea, in collaboration with Yes24.com, features a section called 영어동화, a collection of animated videos of Korean folktales, contemporary Korean children's lit (translated into English!), and Korean adaptations of classic folk/fairy tales. Similar to most audio books made in Korea, the voices can get a bit grating, but these video are nonetheless dynamic and appealing to young viewers. The videos also feature English captions.

These animated stories are a feature of Yahoo! Korea's "Infant Zone" and are free to view online. I stumbled across this site while searching for info on Cloud Bread an illustrated story by Baek Hee Na. Cloud bread sounds so delicious.

야후! 꾸러기 동화

Cloud Bread (구름빵) 유아 부문 스테디셀러인 빛그림 그림책 『구름빵』을 영어 동..

While the books are better appreciated in hard copy form, this seems like a great way to get a taste of Korean children's literature.

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