19 April 2011

FYI: 고속터미널 closing down due to renovations

The "Gangnam Underground Shopping Center" at 고속터미널 will be closed for a year starting next month (May 2011) while the shopping area undergoes renovation. This means that you only have a couple of weeks left to stock up on man-won dresses and flats that will last you one summer in Seoul. The spring's fashion trend seems to be ultra-feminine, so if you're into such things, you'll want to check out the sales.

Having shopped in Seoul for several years now, I'm no longer as quick to purchase every cute, suspiciously cheap item that catches my fancy. With that said, look at the cute, suspiciously cheap rain boots that I got for 19,000 won! I know, very colorful. Some might argue that these boots are likely to clash with whatever I'm wearing, but I'd like to think that with so many colors, these boots are bound to match at least one item I'm wearing.

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Anonymous said...

Dear lord, it looks like a parrot exploded on the boots.