14 August 2007

August 8: Cyndi's Birthday

Cyndi's co-workers kicked off the celebrations the night before her b-day with a sashimi dinner, followed by cake & beer at Happy Time

June & Taehee joined us on the 8th for some pasta & pizza. June picked out a cute chocolate cake. It was light and not too sweet -- that's how they like it in Korea.

I also picked up a cake from the neighborhood Cold Stone Creamery. It was dense and very chocolatey. I wonder if they make the cakes locally or import them? I suppose it's silly to import ice cream. Thanks to a 25% sale, the price of the cake was comparable to the U.S. price.

Cyndi also received an international cake surprise from one of her many admirers. Unfortunately, I can't say any more as Cyndi will kill me. As Cyndi would say, "죽을?"


ajak said...
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ajak said...

who did give Cyndi International cake? ㅋㅋ