17 August 2007

There's no place like Costco

After our Hongdae adventure, we ventured out in the rain to check out the Costco in Yangje. Since the Lawrence Expressway Costco patronage back at home is usually about 50% Korean, I felt quite at home. I never thought that the name "Kirkland Signatures" could make me feel so warm and cozy.

In addition to the addition of a number of common Korean products, I noted a few other differences:

1) It's twice as crowded. I've never experienced such mayhem at a Costco.
2) The Costco here is three stories. Costco traffic on escalators. Not so exciting.
3) The Rotisserie Chicken is about half the size, but twice the price of a chicken from the Costco at home.
4) Cakes here are way more artful. Way classier than the balloons and clown cakes back at home. No offense.
5) They hand out samples of wine! I don't recall ever seeing free wine or for that matter, any samples of alcohol given out in the States.
4) The food court menu includes clam chowder.
5) You must leave your shopping cart unattended, in a designated area if you wish to eat in the food court. People here are so trusting. Someone could have easily walked off with our blueberry bagels and sour Icebreakers, in which case, I would have been fuming.
6) You can purchase reusable plastic shopping bags for about $2.50. They are available in red or blue. The bags proved to be quite sturdy, particularly when you're trekking through the rain.

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yks said...

Wot? No beer samples.....