12 December 2008

Pasta Hut

When I first returned to Korea, my cousin mentioned that Pizza Hut was changing its name to Pasta Hut. I thought she was joking until I saw a Pasta Hut commercial on the terebi. Then, while passing through Hongdae, I spotted an actual Pasta Hut.

It turns out that Pizza Hut is "re-branding" three of its 330 stores in Korea as "Pasta Hut", in order to bring attention to the fact that Pizza Hut now offers a revamped, "mid-range" pasta menu in addition to pizzas loaded with cream and potatoes.


I'm not sure if I want to eat pasta at Pizza Hut, even if its now refers to itself as "Pasta Hut." The thought of eating pasta in a hut is just not very appetizing.


Anonymous said...

well here in hawaii - haven't tried it myself - but i heard that their creamy chicken alfredo is pretty good. said it was very "rich", which is prob. what makes it good. though how the "pasta" tastes in korea, i would imagine to be different since if i recall correctly the pizza tasted different there than here. you'll have to let us know, so at least try it then when you go back to the u.s. you can compare.

Anonymous said...

What!? Peeja Hut is transforming?! Looking forward to a restaurant review complete with pictures of signage and pasta. I think pizza only tastes different from North American pizza if it's loaded with potatoes, corn and what have you. I would imagine a plain cheese/pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut tasting the same.

-Anonymous M

John said...

I found using the Pasta n' More from Harriet Carter saves me so much time. I dont know how i did with out it!