02 December 2008

Craptastic: Vintage Annalog

If you've been stalking my blog, then you probably discerned from my lil' ol' profile that I started blogging in July of 2004. What you may not know is that before I got all self-centered and started blogging about my inane non-adventures in and between the Motherland, I just stuck to blogging about movies.

Back in the summer of 2004, I had just gotten a Blockbuster Movie Plan (I was trying to resist the Netflix trend) and was working an office job that required a lot of mindless, white-collar sweatshop-type work, like stuffing envelopes. And, thus, my movie blog was born (which at that time was called "Craptastic").

When I started blogging about the Motherland, I decided to hide all of my movie-related posts. I can't really say why I did this. I guess I didn't want people to know the extent of my weirdness, but that's now moot since I already posted a video of myself lip-syncing to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" (No, I'm not going to post the link. You have to search for the humiliation on your own). Dignity went out the officetel window a long time ago...

Anywho, at the request of Jusunnie I've decided to re-post all of my old movie reviews, especially for those of you stuck behind a computer all-day, trying to stretch two hours worth of work across eight hours. I was going to import all of my movies into a new movie-centric blog, but I could not find the "Import Blog" button as detailed in the Blogger Help section. (Thanks a lot, Blogger. You are a big fat liar!)

So, if you're curious enough to read my old movie reviews, you can just click on the "movies" tag buried somewhere in the right sidebar (I know, I know. My tag list is out of control!). I should note that most of the movies I reviewed were movies that most people would not deign to spend a minute, let alone precious dollars on. I have a pretty high tolerance for crappy movies, but even I had to cringe a little when I saw the full listing of my movies posts, which includes such gems as:

Into the Blue
My Baby's Daddy
New York Minute
Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
From Justin to Kelly
Oh. Yes. I. Did.

I'd like to make a special shout out to the original readers of Annalog, who started reading my blog way before I ever started blogging about BB Cream or what to wear at a Korean wedding. There were literally only four readers: J.Mo, DJ OSV, Mark Y., and my sister, Doogal. Of course, they've probably all stopped reading my blog around the time I started blogging about BB Cream or what to wear at a Korean wedding, but I know they're all still part of the Annalog Fan Club-- because I said so.


John said...

Wow, as bad as Justin and Kelly was, it doesn't match up to the stinkfest of Cellular. You really have a stomach for bad movies, annalog.

Annalog fan said...

You've had more than four readers I'm sure!
I think you have a loyal following on your blog. Whether it's bad movies or Korean happenings, your audience has fun reading about anything that gets intelligently reflected upon and elegantly written about on your blog. Keep up the good work!

InMySeoul said...

Im a movie junkie too. However, either you have not seen it or you have grossly overlooked the worst movie of all time:


InMySeoul said...

so after reading this post about the lip syncing Maria Carey...i had to look it up.

Wasnt too hard, I assumed you made it during December, and you have only a few posts in the past Decembers...lol

Here is the link..i hope you dont delete my comments...lol


Anonymous said...

well i look forward to reading your "movie posts"...and u should def. put out a "Top 10" or 5, or 3, however many you would like to distinguish among the many/little movies u watched this year... of the best and worst movies of 2008. to which i and i'm sure your fans would love to read about.

so was that site (earlier blog) focused on only "bad/crappy" movies?... or was it just coincidence that the movies you happened to watch were less than cinematic genius?

i too joined "blockbuster" - the in-store return and rent was what sold me. it wasn't bad as an alternative to paying for cable.


ACCHORD said...

woooooow you sat through justin and kelly. I think you should get an award for that or at least a tax cut. geez I couldn't watch the whole commercial

Anonymous said...

"Into the Blue" - review was HILARIOUS!!, could totally picture that "studio" meeting... funny stuff - and u know me, i don't laugh at jus anything.

keep warm in korea - and hopefully i'll cya both sometime next year.