29 November 2008

Here or to-go?

In keeping up with my glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle, I flew to Washington on Wednesday in order to stalk Edward Cullen.

Just kidding. He's probably in Alaska right now.

I actually flew up to Seattle to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my sister. I have trained my sister very well. While I slept in, she spent Thursday morning slaving over a hot stove, preparing me a turkey feast. Mmm... turkey...Zzz...

Seattle is a lovely town, but I'm finding it way too cold. I shouldn't be complaining though, since I will be experiencing true winter in a few days. Speaking of Korea...

I'm used to finding funny Engrish phrases in the Motherland, but I forgot that being a melting pot and all, you can also find Engrishy-fun right in the Homeland.

While cruising around the South Center mall in Lynnwood, I had to take a moment to giggle over a little food court gem called Sushittogo. Apparently, the establishment is called "Sushi Itto Go." I'm not sure if spaces cost extra when it comes to making signage, but I think the added cost would have been worth it. Don't you? Or, maybe this just an example of upfront marketing. You get what's advertised.


Anonymous said...

From annalog 2007
D'oh! Korea jumped so quickly from Halloween to Christmas that I nearly forgot about Thanksgiving! Mmm....turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, Paula Dean's Butter Cake, turkey tacos... I'll just have to eat twice as much next year. Good plan, Annalog. (Sorry. The lack of turkey causes me to talk to myself).
So did u?

Angel4e said...

So you're going back in the Motherland soon! Yeeey :)
Are you gonna teach there again?
I envy you, wish I could visit Korea and have an ajjuma skin-whitening massage :D

Doogal said...

glad i was able to share my northwest vest wearing life with you! i hope you had fun. bwt ate at "sushi sh*t to go" and it was like eating something from 7-11. ;P