07 November 2008

Beware of the Meow

I'm out walking Piggy, when I hear a little voice say, "Escuse me? Escuse me?"
I look up and see a little moon-faced boy on a scooter. I guesstimate that he's about seven years old, but he could be an XL six-year-old.

'There's a Meow over there," he says, pointing to the bushes ahead of us. "I just wanted you to know because your dog's gonna get excited and run away."

Isn't that kid precious? I wasn't even wearing a Pokemon costume, and yet he still took the time to get off his scooter and warn me, a complete stranger, about the big Meow. This is why I love children. They may get a little crazy with too much high fructose syrup in their systems, but otherwise, they can't help but be decent human beings.

It's a good thing he warned me about the cat. It was pretty scary. Dogs can be ferocious when provoked, but cats? Cats are mean. They will cut you if you so much as look at them wrong.


Anonymous said...

wuh???... as a "cat-lover" i will take your comment as deriving from some past "traumatic" event or experience with a feline, that probably was more "irritated" than foaming at the mouth wanting to slice someone's juglar with it razor sharped claws. and if it was a bad "run-in" with a stray tabby - who can blame them? after all who wouldn't react with a "hiss" to those who find sticky fingers pulling on its tail, or a splash of icy cold water because the cat's curiousity got the better of them. and your righ in saying that dogs CAN and ARE ferocious (some), i mean how many instances have you heard of a cat biting or scratching someone to DEATH, or mauling them and leaving horrible scars??... and if it did happen, i'm sure the number of incidents that involved dogs are FAR greater than those that involved cats. so i'm sad to see that you wrote - "Cats are mean." because a more "accurate" assessment or comment should be "some cats can be mean"... and if you ever watch "animal cops" on animal planet, we only have ourselves to blame when these animals do become bad. well sorry for the LONG comment, but i just had to post something on this particular topic.

-one who likes dogs, and adores cats.

p.s. i realize that your comment may have been made as a "non-serious" statement, and the fact that this whole blog stems from YOUR perspective and OPINION, but i just thought to present another view about these purring, cuddly, independent, graceful, loyal, and affectionate animals.

Angel4e said...

Haha,great post :)

Maybe the kid just wanted to communicate with you, but anyway kind of him :D

annalog said...

I appreciate and respect your love for cats, Anonymous. In fact, I have been acquainted with a number of felines who never once threatened to "cut me." When I ran the joke by Piggy she was rolling on the floor with laughter. I guess we both need to be a little more sensitive. I will try to be more prudent with my disparaging generalizations.

ACCHORD said...
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ACCHORD said...

hahaha i was laughing at that line about not even having a pokemon costume on haha. I guess it's my inner-nerd which actually isn't to inner haha I enjoy your posts

InMySeoul said...

I had to laugh about Annalog walking Piggy outdoors...lol

Piggy doesnt look that big, I bet the Meow in the bushes was bigger...lol