12 November 2008

What's in the bag?

Last night, Cyndi handed me a white paper bag and said, "Here. This is from [The president of my fan club]. It's for you and Piggy."

Note: Obviously, Cyndi did not call her/him "President of my fan club", but since s/he's one of Cyndi's most persistent Stans I will assume that s/he reads this blog regularly for Cyndi updates, and thus, will avoid revealing any personal details.

Anyway, I opened up the bag and found two containers of Pepero - one pack of original, one pack of Almond Pepero. I do love me some Pepero, but such bulk offerings of Pepero seemed kind of random. And, that's exactly what I said to Cyndi, "Hmm...Random." (I know. I can be an ungrateful wench).

Cyndi explained that the gift was in appreciation for the Halloween cupcakes that I brought to her office. Oh, shoot! I just revealed that he's a co-worker. Oh, darn! I just revealed that her fan is a dude. My bad...

Today, I looked at the date, 11/11 and realized that the Pepero bounty was in honor of Pepero Day, which reminds me, Happy Anniversary to Heng & Joon!

The president of Cyndi's fan club has been showering Cyndi with gifts for some time now, but this is one of the first time's that he's bestowed anything upon me or Piggy.

Ooh, Cyndi, you better watch out. He's switching up his game. Now's he trying to woo you by winning over your little cousin and your puppy.

I may be susceptible to the bribes (especially food), but I'm not sure if Piggy's so easily won over. I mean, just check out her expression when I gave her the Pepero loot.

In case you're reading this Mr. President, Piggy wants me to inform you that she only accepts cold hard cash... or Target gift cards.

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heng said...

thank u . annalog ^^
I miss u guys