04 November 2008

Crab Murder

Kent invited us over for some shabu shabu (hot pot) and treated us to some fresh lobster and crab. As I squeamishly watched Chef GP prepare a live crab for the hot pot, I thought back to my resolution to (make an effort to) only eat things that I could kill myself. That's when I decided to woman-up and ask Chef GP to let me prepare (slaughter) the second crab.

I asked Cyndi to record the whole ordeal, so that you, too, can learn how to murder a crab. Before you watch the video tutorial, I'd like to note that though the crab appears half-dead in the video, it was Pinchy McGrabby Crab prior to execution. Okay, maybe the crab wasn't as fiesty as I'd like to imagine, but I swear, its claws were pretty ginormous. My initial wussiness was completely warranted. Don't judge me.

Crab Murder from Annalog on Vimeo

I learned a few things from the whole process:
- Chopsticks can be deadly.
- Crab blood looks like ketchup.
- I am in a major need of a hair cut.
- I should not be allowed to wield any blade bigger than a steak knife.
- The mighty tasty yellow mustard-like substance in the crab is called the hepatopancreas, a main part of the crab's digestive system. In case your curious, crab "mustard" is soft, but not slimy. It also tastes like the ocean. Who knew that crab crap could be so delicious?

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