24 November 2008

Annalog Fit Club: First Update

As announced about a week ago, Team Alexander, Prune Wonton and Cyndi, agreed to collectively lose 45 pounds by March 11, 2009. If they are successful, Team Bananna, Monkey & I, will treat them to dinner at Alexander's Steakhouse. If they fail, they must buy Team Bananna a fancy steak dinner.

Team Alexander has decided to hold off on any pound-shedding efforts until after the Thanksgiving weekend, but I still make them checki in for their weekly weigh-in. In order to monitor their progress, we've decided to employ the Wii Fit, despite its snide little comments.
(Thanks to Dani Henney for sending us the Wii Fit board!).

The Wii Fit may not be the most accurate measure for one's BMI (Body Mass Index) or weight, but it certainly is fun. The Wii Fit also comes with a variety of exercises that kept us busy all night long (with the help of some wine). The game also allows you to input your own personal weight loss goals, which can be sort of handy.

Prune Wonton measured in at XXX pounds with a BMI that put him in the obese category. Cyndi weighed in at YYY pounds, with a very normal BMI of 22.91. Yay, Cyndi!

In additon to your weight and BMI, the Wii Fit also determines your Wii Fitness age, which is calculated based on your age, weight, BMI, and ability to balance and shift your weight around. According to the Wii Fit, Cyndi is 44, while Prune Wonton is 43. I should note, however, that Prune Wonton, tried to sabotage Cyndi's fitness test, so her Wii Fit age is likely much lower.

So, you must be curious about the results of this week's weigh in. Drum roll, please...

Prune Wonton +4 lbs
Cyndi - 1 lb

Don't worry, people. It's just the first week. They still have a fighting chance.

A number of people (and by a "number", I mean, 3) have had some concerns or questions abou Annalog's Fit Club, so I'd like to address there comments here:

- First of all, thanks to Annonymous M for catching my typo. Team Alexander must lose the weight by March 2009, not 2008, as originally printed. I do not expect them to travel back in time. We'll have to save that for the next blog challenge.
- As inMySeoul points out, 30 lbs in 3 months is a lot of weight for a guy to lose unless he's contracted some stomach virus. Based on the recommendation of the Wii Fit, Team Bananna has agreed to lower the collective weight goal to 40 lbs.
- Yes, the terms of the bet are kind of skewed, since Team Bananna just has to watch and thwart all efforts to get their healthy on, while Team Alexander has to start exercising and eat more healthily, but the truth is, we didn't come up with the bet. We're just following through on a challenge initiated by Prune Wonton himself. Booyah, Prune Wonton!
- Liposuction is not expressly forbidden, but definitely not recommended.

If you have healthy living tips or words of encouragement for Team Alexander, be sure to leave them in the comments.


Anonymous said...

tip #1 - it's all about "proportions", meaning smaller servings - but not depriving yourself, otherwise you end up cheating and sabotaging your own diet.

tip #2 - never deal with the "devil", meaning don't promise that you'll run EXTRA or eat less (or not at all) the next day just so you can justify eating Carl's Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger (1520 calories!)

good luck! - hey i may get in on this bet too... tho aside from being "healthier" and feeling better, what should my prize be??


InMySeoul said...

Poor Cyndi, getting "tied" into this bet with Prune.

So you reduced your bet by 5 pounds to help make it more realistic, but in 1 week Prune gained that 5 pounds that you agreed to drop from the bet! So essentially right now, the bet is the same as the original bet! LOL..so he went from having to ose 30 lbs, to 25 lbs, but gained 4 so he still has to ose 29 pounds!!!

If I were Cyndi I'd make a bet with Prune. If she meets her target and he doesn't, he has to buy everyone dinner :)

I'd feel bad if Cyndi met her target and still lost the bet because of Prune :(

InMySeoul said...

My hints:

1. dont just focus on aerobic workouts. They help burn calories while your doing the exercises, but if you mix in some weight lifting you'll really boost your metabolism rate which means you increase the amount of calories you burn even when your just sitting around!

2. NO ALCOHOL! especially beer

3. walk everywhere. Thats why koreans stay skinny. They eat more than americans do..just not as greasy and they walk everywhere

4. change up your workouts, otherwise you'll get bored and quit

4b. Workout together! working out alone is boring and you'll come up with a good excuse to skip days. But if someone else is relying on you to work out, then you cant skip as easily.

5. I know Thanksgiving is comeing up as is Christmas, but I agree with jusunnie, don't overeat on those days thinking you'll make up for it.

6. If your able, try splitting up your eating to 5-7 "meals" a day. It is a known fact that eating 3 big meals like most americans do is not ideal. The "grazing" method eating smaller amounts over 5 to 7 times a day is much healthier. The reason being is your metabolism will be more steady. Also, you'll eat less because you wont be as hungry each time you eat. The "meals" are full meals, like they might be an apple and yogurt or something like that.

I was going to give you some ways to shed pounds fast (ie cabbage soup diet), but I highly recommend you stay away from those. You'll definitely lose the weight but it defeats the intent of this bet for you guys to get healthier. The cabbage soup diet is not healthy and you'll gain the weight back immediately.

Cyndi said...

thanks jusunnie and InMySeoul for the tips!

I'm pretty confident that Team Banana will be paying for dinner at Alexander's. Right, Prune Wonton? or else....joo guh~

Unnie, you should make a bet with peter. If you win, i'll cook you dinner when you visit. And it won't be just saimin or spam and rice. v^^v

danihenney said...

I like the way annalog thinks. Prune, go catch a virus or something and you'll be back on track. take it like a man...fatty~
fighting!! keke

Anonymous said...

no, eat something to give u gas. feels awful, but u can lose lots of kg. (dont take meds)

Felix said...

i find the lack of support for captain p. wonton a little upsetting.

wonton, let's go out for drinks this friday. i'll buy you a couple pints of guinness, extra stout.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with InMySeoul - esp. about a workout "buddy", but make sure that "buddy" doesn't become the reason for you to NOT workout. in other words, if they can't make it, it doesn't mean you get to "skip" a session too... AND it would be a good idea that this person is someone who is "supportive" and not a workout tyrannt that makes you feel worse about yourself because you're not seeing the results you want - of course that person shouldn't "sugar-coat" things either, cause that doesn't help. i guess it's about balance, someone that motivates you, yet is understanding.

john said...

I would think just living in the Korea would make you lose weight... All my roommate and I did was carouse around, drink and eat shitty foods late at night and we lost 20 pounds each.

Then again, slaving away in Paris Baguette's baking school does inure you a bit to the wonders of sweets and pastries. Perhaps random outliers?

db said...

I quit eating after around 6:30 every night. No snacks, no drinks, nothing but water after I eat dinner. And I lost about 2 pounds a week. Seriously, eat all your meals, stop when you're full, and don't eat after you've eaten your dinner. If you get hungry, just drink water! It worked for me and overall, I've lost almost 20 pounds. Now, I'm hitting the gym regularly to keep it off and to tone up what's been uncovered! Good luck to you guys!