14 November 2008

Annalog's Fit Club: The Bet

The other night our friend, Prune Wonton declared that he wanted to get his healthy on and lose some weight. Not only that, he also stated that he would lose 30 pounds by the time I returned from Korea. Oh, ho, ho...sounds like a bet.

Prune Wonton and Cyndi have joined forces as Team Alexander. They resolve to lose forty-five pounds by March 11, 2009 (four months). If they are successful, my partner, Monkey and I (aka Team Bananna) will treat them to a dinner (appetizer, entree, and dessert) at Alexander's Steak House (some restrictions may apply. We ain't paying for no Wagyu!). If Team Alexander fails to lose 45 pounds by the deadline, then they will have to treat Team Bananna to dinner (appetizer and entree) at the aforementioned Alexander's Steak House.

1) Team Bananna is permitted to actively thwart the efforts of Team Alexander (though we will make a genuine effort to be supportive).
2) Any mention of bailing on the deal means an automatic win for the opposing team.
3) All participants are prohibited from engaging in or employing any measures that may result in hospitlization or death.
3) Neither Annalog nor any other participating parties are responsible for any injury, harm, or hurt feelings that may result from this competition.

I will refrain from revealing the participants' faces (except for Cyndi. Y'all are already up in Cyndi's business) or starting weight. If all goes well, then perhaps Cyndi and Prune Wonton may permit me to reveal more information. For now, all you need to know is that they want to lose 45 pounds cumulatively.

Please note that the 45 pounds reflect the personal goals of both Cyndi and Prune Wonton. Team Bananna, by no means, set this number. But, with that said, we are holding them to their resolution. Muhahahaha.

The Fitness Challenge began on November 11, 2008, which happened to coincide with our World Beer Night: Part I.

Oh, dear. Hwaiting, Team Alexander!

By the way, I do not recommend chili beer.


yotsuba said...

They resolve to lose forty-five pounds by March 11, 2008 (four months) WOW!!! TIME TRAVEL!!!
or is it a con on your part? you win already!

Coach Alexander said...

Prune Wonton, you better lay off them beers and soju! No more fried foods and seconds. Just chicken breasts and veggies!!! Think of the Wagyu Beef...:D

Prune Wonton said...

What a SCAM!!!! Team bananna should run a pyramid scheme or something...

Sigh, hait! coah alexander!

annalog said...

Hey, no dreaming about Wagyu beef! It's not happening.

doogal said...

tip: the stupid acai berry really works!

danihenney said...

Prune -> Sue??... keke Cyndi get out while you can~

Anonymous said...

edit the blog to correct miss print
march 2008 is long gone

annalog said...

The time machine is not working so we've moved the deadline to march 2009.

Anonymous said...

is lipo allowed

InMySeoul said...

This is hilarious...however I have to say its pretty cruel to start this the night of a World Beer Night!

Also, 30 lbs in 5 months for a guy (Im assuming a guy based on the picture)? Thats going to be real tough. I found that traveling in Africa and getting sick(not your run of the mill sick, but africa stomach sick) on a weekly basis does work though.

Lastly, doesnt the rewards seem a little lopsided? Team Alexander has to do all the work and the only difference is they get desert? while team Banana does nothing but watch? Also doesn't the reward kind of defeat the purpose of losing all that weight to gain 10 lbs of it back in 1 night? lol

can't wait to see who wins and the photos of that meal!