15 November 2008

Hawaiian Grindz

This links for all my peeps back at home-home.
Some folks in Hawaii put together a site called Wow Grinds, where they compare the "best of" local favorites in a blind taste test, ultimately determining the best of the best.

According to Wow Grinds, the best shoyu poke on Oahu may be found at JJ Seafood in Kaneohe. Yeah. There's no way anyone in my family's willing to drive to Kaneohe for some poke, so it looks like we'll have to settle for No. 2, Costco!


Anonymous said...

is this your other site??

It's Royal Kitchen, not roayl kitchen
And they have the best baked chow fun, maybe the only place with baked chow fun.

Cheri said...

I agree, that's a damn far drive. Well, not really, but in Hawaii terms.

InMySeoul said...

In Hawaii, wouldnt a long trip be a boat trip? Just in my head, if you can get there by car, its not too far in Hawaii?...lol

Is there a lot of Korean food/restuarants in Hawaii?

Anyone have experience, Hawaii food vs. LA Koreatown food? Maybe I'll blog about that some time.

annalog said...

There are lots of Korean restaurants in Honolulu. People need a place to congregate outside of church, you know what I mean? :)
I've only had LA K-town food a few times, but from what I gather, LA joints are similar to those in Seoul, in that they special in dishes. You want Soondae? You go to one place? You want jjigae? You go to another? In Hawaii, on the other hand, you'll find a range of dishes all at one restaurant. That means you just need to take one canoe ride instead of five for all your different K-food cravings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annalog. If you didn't already see on wowgrinds.com they did a best kim chee challenge. Not sure how the winner would stand up to stuff from the Motherland, but by local Hawaii standards I guess it was pretty good. I thought you'd be interested and have some good insights on what is good kim chee. Where do you go to get good kim chee...besides homemade?

annalog said...

I will have to check out their kimchee write up. Thanks for the tip. I can't say that I am a kimchee connoisseur, but I do like my kimchee pretty sour and aged. My mom says this means that I've gotten more Korean. I can usually tell if I'll like a batch of kimchee if it's a mix of dark reds and greens. My mom has never made kimchee at home. She just tells me to buy it from the grocery store. This means that you have to check out your nearest Korean super market. I suggest that you wait for some ajumma to come by the kimchee section, and see what she grabs.

I'm sorry that I can't recommend any specific brands. If you like crunchy kimchee, however, you should definitely pick up a jar of chongak kimchee (radish with a leafy tail) or kkakddugi (chopped up daikon).