18 November 2008

Who wouldn't want a condo, all the way up in Toronto?

cant believe it (cover) - jojo

This song has been out for a couple of months, but I just discovered it, and to my surprise, am really liking. Though the original single, "Can't Believe It" by T-Pain seemed to be playing everywhere, I was not impressed. I especially like the remake because Jojo is turning the tables on T-Pain's (and Lil' Wayne's) talk about putting "shortiez" in mansions or Penthouses.

This is they same reason why I disliked "Whatever You Like", T.I.'s musical promotion of prostitution. Now, I find myself humming the tune thanks to Ron Clark Academy's parody "You Can Vote However You Like."

"Shortiez" of the world, go and get your own penthouses.


Anonymous said...

excuse me, do you watch anime, if so, could you suggest some korean anime. oh, what recent korean movies are enjoyable?

john said...

Pretty amazing that you can keep up with Western music in the Korea, Annalog... especially given our people's penchant for playing the most reprehensible music at the clubs. Must've heard "Yeah" by Ursher 8,9 times a night in Hongdae when I was there.

annalog said...

Sorry, I'm not familiar with anime, especially Korean anime. I think Korean anime is actually Japanese anime dubbed in Korean. :)
The last Korean movies I saw were on the plane ride back to Cali:

1) My Love

This has been referred to as the Korean "Love Actually", but I found the "love stories" uninteresting.

2) Girl Scouts
Despite the film's talented female cast, the film was pretty boring and often times eye-rolling ludicrous. I ended watching the film in fast forward so that I could get some closure.

If you are into off-beat Korean rom-coms, I suggest that you check out "2 Faces of My Girlfriend"

I actually don't follow Korean cinema, so you probably want to consult other sources. For starters,

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

i'm not racist or anything but... lol the one white kid with no rhythm

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