31 October 2008

The Halmuni

Last year's Halloween was filled with all sorts of silly little shenanigans, including my first ever iMovie. Boy, have my moviemaking skills come a long way!

Okay, not really. My skills with iMovie may have plateaued, but that still didn't stop me from making another Halloween movie. Oh, yes I did.

I'm not going to lie. It only took us about ten minutes to film the entire thing, but I still think it's pretty darn scary. Maybe even haunting.

This film is rated PG-10.

The Halmuhni from Annalog on Vimeo


Anonymous said...

your sad efforts was much appreciated! what is the pigster wearing?
btw i like cyndi's eyebrows they look a lot better.

Soo said...

I want my money back...oh, its free, nvm then...

Anonymous said...

wow, i smell an Oscar!!!