09 October 2008

Let's Get Political, Political

If you've been keeping up with SNL or seen all those "Rock the Vote" T-shirts on celebrity folk, then you probably already know that the U.S. Presidential Election is just around the corner. I've already picked my candidate, but just for safe measure, I thought I'd consult with my trusty new advisor, Lego-Man.

Lego-Man may only be seven-years-old, but he's a pretty smart kid. I mean, he already knows how to do pre-Algebra and build a motorized Ferris Wheel out of Legos. After dinner, I asked Lego-Man who he'd select as President. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when he said John McCain. Say what? What could an intelligent seven-year-old possibly find appealing about a man like Senator John McCain?

So I had to ask Lego-Man, "John McCain? Why John McCain?"
"Because he was on the cover of TIME for Kids," he replied simply.

To be fair, Lego-Man, Barack Obama also made it on the cover of TIME for Kids.

Lego-Man may still be a wee young lad, but we couldn't allow such blithe decision making. Thus, his Auntie Joyce and I put him on the hot seat and forced him to explain himself -- on camera.

Obama or McCain? from Annalog on Vimeo

I can't blame Lego-Man's fickleness when it comes to selecting candidates. He is, after all, only seven. However, his emphasis on picking whichever candidate was the most "popular" is a reminder that popularity is probably the most important criteria during school elections. In grade school (and high school for that matter), more often than not, we picked the candidate that was our friend, the person we thought had the most friends, or the person that all our friends were voting for. This sort of voting works in grade school when the biggest decision the student council president makes is the theme of the next pep rally, but there is so much more to consider when you're voting for the foremost leader of the nation. I know that a lot of people (myself included) have a tendency to vote for their favorite "clique", but I do hope that people are a lot more thoughtful with this forthcoming election. I mean, look what happened when people voted for the rich, party-boy. If people really thought about who would make the best president, I think the choice is obvious. Forget the super-senior with the pretty girlfriend. Let's pick the smart underclassmen with the sparkling personality. Are you with me people?


InMySeoul said...

Thats a great video..very entertaining, great choice of music in the background....lol...I think I'm going to write in "Lego-Man" for my ballot...lol

Angel4e said...

I guess I'd chose Obama if he wasn't so pro-greek disposed. :)

Austin said...

Hi! Even it's Christmas I wanted to drop a message. I wasn't prepared, so I will be prepared next time Anna videotapes me.


P.S. For 2008s Christmas blog Austin means Lego-man!