29 October 2008

Oops. My bad.

I thought I had been all tech savvy when I had my annalog email (see right side bar) forwarded to my primary email address. Turns out I completely failed at this simple task.

Today, I logged into email.annalog for the first time since I initiated the account, and to my surprise it was filled with email.

Reader mail? Exciting. Non-creepy email? Even better!

Just wanted to say that if you sent me an email, I'm terribly sorry if you wrote to me months ago, anxiously (I'm sure) awaiting my sparkling response. I did not intend to be a jerk. I mean, I'm generally pretty bad about writing or calling friends or family, but I would, of course, always make time for my adoring fans. Yes, all twelve of you!

Ever since I added the sitemeter stalking device on the blog, I've always been curious about who reads my blog. So, it's always great to get comments or questions from random readers, especially when people say that they ABSOLUTELY ADORE my blog and wish that it was a pair of baby shoes so that they could bronze it and put it on the mantle.

Okay, you got me. No one's actually said that, but I'm sure people have thought as such while reading my scintillating account about picking out a movie for my mother.

In short, thanks for reading.
Now, get back to pretending like your working.

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