08 October 2008

Taking Over the World One Red Mango at a Time

With all the Pink Berry shops scattered throughout L.A. and pictures of those Hollywood gals "eating" the trendy fro-yo , I think Korean yogurt's sort of become passé. The popularity of Red Mango definitely seems to be on the decline in the Motherland, replaced by over-priced waffle cafes and Roti Boys.

Nonetheless, we were all pretty excited to see a couple of new Red Mango shops pop up in the area. We took Piggy to the Red Mango next to Cupertino Library.

The Red Mango yogurt here is a little different. I'd say it's a little more tart. It's got a stronger yogurty flavor. The Korean Red Mango is sweeter.

Toppings were complimentary in Korea, but here in the U.S.of A. (We're going through hard times out here, if you haven't heard), you have to pay for each topping. Outrageous, you say? Not really given that the fruit is FRESH! Yeah! Fresh blueberries! Captain Crunch! Mmm...
Despite the individually priced toppings, the end price comes out to about the same as the yogurt back in the Motherland.

Red Mango America is Piggy approved.

Soo ordered the green tea yogurt. It looks so naked without any toppings.

Felix told me that the former Survivor winner Yul Kwon owns one of the Red Mango(es?). Looks like he owns the one on University Ave. in Palo Alto. (And, he's engaged, Cyndi!)

Power to Red Mango and its gyopo founder, but it must be said that before Red Mango, before Pink Berry, before Fiore, there was Yami Yogurt at Ala Moana Shopping Center.


bo said...

hahaha yami yogurt. way to keep it old school, anna.

love the post as always. i can't wait to see you (and cyndi?) next month!

Cheri said...

I personally took a liking to I Can't Believe It's Yogurt. ^^