03 October 2008


I just spent most of the day grading papers and writing up progress reports (Yes, thanks to the magical powers of the Internet, I am bringing the exciting world of hagwon all the way to my little apartment in California), so I'm just taking a quick blog break.

I will blog more tomorrow, but can I just write a big, uncharacteristic OMG in response to the tragic, tragic news of actress Choi Jin Shil's suicide?

Choi Jin Shil used to be one of my favorite Korean actresses. She was the star of my high school favorite 별은내가슴에 (Star in My Heart). She was sort of the Julia Roberts of Korea. She was beautiful, but was also known for her likable persona. The news of her suicide is quite distressing. I can't imagine what her family and friends are going through.

I hate to generalize, but where as many American celebrities often turn to drugs or alcohols (and public displays of foolishness) to drown out their woes, Korean celebrities (at least within the last few years) seem to turn to death. Is this cultural, coincidental, or one of the new dangers of a life in the public eye? Whatever the case may be, I hope recent tragedies inspire awareness, discussion, and change.

R.I.P. Choi Jin Shil

(picture source: Dramawiki)


Angel4e said...

Thanks for continuing to blog! :D

I don't really know this actress although she seems so familiar to me. But what I must say is that I'm really surprised of all this self-suicides of celebrities.

I don't get what actually is so tragical that leads them to commiting suicide! A bankruptcy? A bad voting percentage? So what! Life goes on, there's always a way to get out of the bad career track and so on.

Anonymous said...

i know i used to love her to she always seemed so down to earth type of girl
i heard this was linked to the other guy's suicide as well something to do with lending him money lots of it ?2.5 million?
by the was how is it being back in cali?