29 September 2008


The air's a little nippy, the girls are in their mini skirts and knee-highs, the mosquitoes have stopped buzzing around... it's officially fall, people. It's my second autumn in the Motherland. Time has flown by!

I spent over a year living full time in the Motherland, but now it's time for me to return home.  I'm leaving today with many memories and megabytes of a fond year in Korea.

Oh, don't cry, Internet. I'll be back.

I'll return to Korea in December, but it does feel like I'm closing another big chapter in this book I call Life.

In commemoration of my year in the Motherland, I've put together a video montage (of course) set to Holly Conlan's "You are Goodbye." In putting this video together, I realized that a) I need to start organizing all my photos and videos and b) I take way too many photos of food. The video barely covers my year in Korea, but it does include a few highlights and never before seen "footage."

I'd like to also take a moment for a very long fragment to thank the various people who have made my stay in the Motherland such a special memory. So, a big kamsahmnida to my COUSINS, Cyndi's cousins, co-workers from the Place That Must Not Be Named, my teaching soul-mate and partner in crime, Seong, EVERYONE from PD, everyone from PD that say that I look like 이효리 (yeah right!), all the Korean unnies, all the Gyopo unnies, visiting chingus from the Homeland, Umma, Doogal, all the people who help me get my beauty on, the ajummas who clean the officetel, and last but not least, our Korean BFF, Heng!

Oh! And Cyndi! 
Thanks for coming with me to the Motherland! (And thanks for picking me up from the airport.)

See you later, Motherland.


InMySeoul.com said...

Good luck with your travels. Im going to miss reading about Korea on your blog.
Are you going to keep blogging?

You make some of the best videos I've seen

Angel4e said...

Even I'm sorry you're leaving!
I really did enjoy reading your blog, you got me so much closer to Korean culture and interesting things!

I hope you'll be back in Motherland soon, I kinda feel like you belong there and you fit there so well.

annalog said...

The leave is only temporary. I will return to Korean in the winter, but in the mean time, I will continue to blogging. Posts will be less interesting, but I will blog nonetheless.


InMySeoul said...

Im glad to hear that...I like reading your blogs. They tend to be pretty funny.