10 September 2008

Cyndi and Piggy Go Home

Cyndi and Piggy left for the Homeland today. Boy, did time fly by! Cyndi left with four pieces of luggage: 2 check-in pieces; a carry on roller bag; and Piggy. Less luggage than you expected, right?

Don't be silly. We shipped a bunch of stuff and had Cyndi's dad take a couple of suitcases back to Hawaii.

Speaking of flying, my mom told me that catchy song from the Jin Air commercial is a classic children's song.

After hours of (okay, I exaggerate) of googling in Korean! I managed to find the original lyrics to the song -- I think. My translation is in the parentheses.

원숭이엉덩이는빨개 (Monkey's butt is red)
빨간건 사과 (Red apple)
사과는맛있어 (Apple is delicious)
맛있는건 바나나 (Delicious banana)
바나나는 길어 (Banana is long)
길면 기차 ([If] Long train)
기차는 빨라 (Train is fast)
빠른것은 비행기 (Fast airplane)
비행기는 높아 (Airplane is high)
높은것은 하늘 (High sky)
하늘은 푸르다 (Sky is blue)
푸른것은 바다 (Blue ocean)
바다는 넓다 (Ocean is wide)
넓은것은 지구 (Wide Earth)
지구는 둥글다 (Earth is round)
둥근것은 공 (Round ball)
공은 튄다 (Ball jumps)
튀는것은 토끼 (Jumping bunny)
산토끼 토끼야 어디로 가느냐 깡충깡충 뛰면서 어디를 가느냐
(Mountain bunny, bunny-ya, where are you going? Hoppity, hoppity, running. Where are you going?)

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Anonymous said...

Oh - thanks so much for translating! Every time I hear that song I try to catch it all, but I can only retain the first few phrases. :)