11 September 2008

No, she is not my halmoni.

My mother has been referred to as halmoni (grandmother) since arriving in Seoul. Actually, people have commented that she is a "멋쟁이 할모니." My mother is definitely not a halmoni, but they keep mistaking her for one because of her salt and pepper hair. Only halmonis rock their natural hair colors. Evidently, ajummas, are supposed to regularly dye their hair and get a fresh perm.

Dang, society. Can't a woman keep her natural hair color without being booked into a care home?

Anyway, given that people keep mistaking my mom for a halmoni, you'd think that they'd be a little more respectful (i.e., give up their seat on the bus or NOT elbow her in the stomach while entering the subway car). That definitely has not been the case while in Seoul. What's with young people these days? No respect, I tell ya.


Roboseyo said...

that's a real shame. your ma's a lovely ajummah, and I personally think salt and pepper hair is way nicer than fake perms, and brown/purple dyes. I was gobsmacked when I came to Korea and discovered that Korean old ladies have the exact same short/perm hairdo that north american old ladies give themselves.

db said...

I love your mom's hair and props to her for saying no to all that artificial, wish-I-was-twenty-again perm and color crap. I say go natural all the way! (Only, I just got my hair permed last Sunday! What does it say about me???)

InMySeoul said...

Its nice seeing straight hair on an ajumma!