11 September 2008

I Will Ask a Korean: Batting Cages in Insadong

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New Question: Can you please tell me the direction for the batting practice please?
submitted by PP

Of course. Especially since you asked so nicely!
I'm not terribly good with directions, so I had to ask Cyndi. She says that the batting cages are at the end of Insadong; opposite from Anguk station (i.e., all the way at the other end). The batting cages are near the little B-boy stage.

Cyndi went the extra mile and even made us a little illustration. I never knew that she had such impressive Paint skills.

I'm mostly a pseudo-expert on B.B. creams and cheap shopping, but if anyone else has got any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I could be wrong about the exact spot of the batting cage...but it's somewhere along that side of the street. :D

Naree said...

why does the map have Thai on it? hehe. awesome