10 September 2008

Deux Cremes Tart Seoul

I took my posse to Deux Cremes in Sinsa-dong, somewhere along Karosogil. The tarts are so yummy. They're almost worth their exorbitant 8,000 won price tag. I love, love, love the banana cream tart.

image source
(The rest were taken with my Luminix. You can probably tell by their stellar quality)


"Ay, no pictures."

"Talk to the hand."

"Fine, one picture. Which camera are we looking at?"

"Candid camera. Shh..."

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bosule said...

hahaha i love your comments under the photos w/your mom. i can totally picture her saying that. i love your moms hair. its very meryl streep in Devil Wears Prada...but edgier.